Light Years Ahead FODS Reusable Construction Entrance at ICUEE International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition/Demo Expo, Booth #4118, October 1-3, Kentucky Exposition Center, Louisville

The International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE), also known as the Demo Expo will take place October 1-3, 2019, at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville.

Known for its equipment test drives and interactive product demonstrations, the ICUEE/Demo Expo is the leading event for 18,000 utility professionals and construction contractors seeking comprehensive insights into the latest industry technologies, innovations and trends.

Utility Industry Contractors agree that FODS Reusable Construction Entrance is one of the most durable, innovative, and sustainable best management practice, with one of the fastest ROI’s.

FODS provides many benefits when compared to traditional rock stabilized construction entrances. By replacing your traditional entrance with FODS reusable trackout control device, you eliminate the need for site prep, over-excavation, the headache of rock entrances that quickly become compacted requiring continual refreshment, and the added cost of disposal and remediation at the end of the project.

Designed with alternating rows of pyramids, the mats extract mud, debris, and dust from tire lugs as vehicles pass over. The extracted mud, debris, and dust stays at the base of the pyramids, and does not leave the worksite causing hazards on public roads.

FODS Mats are engineered to last 10 years, are extremely chemical-resistant, and offer protection to the underlying ground. The design of the FODS mats make them functional for all types of entrance layouts and configurations. FODS Mats can be easily positioned and setup in roughly 30 minutes.

Find out more information on how FODS Trackout Control Entrance can help meet your BMP requirements. Contact our friendly FODS Trackout Solution Specialists for more information on our mats, on-site installation, or to request a free quote at 844-200-3637 or

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