Come See Us in Seattle! FODS at PWX Seattle, September 8-September 11, 2019, Booth 2017, Washington State Convention Center.


PWX Seattle draws over five thousand public works professionals from all over the world. The Expo will showcase the latest products, services and technologies specific to public works.

FODS Trackout Control System will exhibit our breakthrough in reusable construction site entrances system that can be used on any municipal or urban infrastructure project, as well as any rural development project. FODS Reusable Trackout Control Entrances are a system of interconnected mats, that can be configured to any entrance layout and can be set up easily and quickly.

FODS Entrances create a barrier between public highways and adjoining work zones preventing mud and debris hazards from leaving the worksites, causing hazards on nearby roadways or polluting the stormwater system. The barrier is created by alternating rows of pyramids on each mat that open tire lugs, loosen the mud and collect the mud into the base of each mat. Mud will not adhere to subsequent vehicles and will not leave the jobsite.

FODS require minimal maintenance and is a one time investment compared to traditional stabilized riprap entrances that become compacted, need continual refreshment, ineffective, and costly. FODS Trackout Control Mats can be reused on multiple projects will continue to prevent trackout for ten plus years.FODS mats are easily and quickly cleaned.

Each FODS mat can sustain heavy civil vehicular weights in excess of 250,000 lbs. Individual pyramids can withstand over 20,000 lbs. of pressure each.

Contact our team of specialists to learn more information, specifications, about our use on past projects or to request a free quote today at 844-200-3637