FODS Joins San Diego Build USA Expo September 18th and 19th at San Diego Convention Center

FODS presents the new industry standard for a cost effective reusable manufactured construction entrance at the San Diego Build USA Expo September 18th and 19th.

FODS has proven time and again to be the only stabilized construction entrance effective at stopping offsite debris with minimal maintenance throughout the duration of a project, in comparison to traditional rock entrances that become compacted, need continual refreshment, and quickly become ineffective.

FODS Trackout Control Entrance Mats contain rows of alternating pyramids that seperate tire lugs causing loosen mud and debris to collect at the base of each mat before leaving a jobsite. FODS Trackout Control Entrance Mats prevent hazardous conditions on site as well as on nearby public roadways.

Each pyramid has the ability to hold 20,000 lbs of pressure and each mat can hold over 250,000 lbs. Mats are manufactured to last over ten years.

Individual mats can be easily connected together with steel hardware to form various configurations to fit any of your build needs.

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