Engineered to Last FODS Reusable Rockless Trackout Control Entrance on Spruce Hall Residence Project, School of Mines, Golden, Colorado

Spruce Residential Hall

FODS minimizes construction site trackout dust, debris, and mud, on Spruce Residential Hall Project at School of Mines.

Located at 18th and Illinois streets, just west of the Starzer Welcome Center and between Weaver Hall, this new 420-bed freshman residence hall is the first phase of a major student housing master plan developed by NAC and AMD Architects for this nationally acclaimed engineering university School of Mines. The project is designed around smaller communities of 30-40 students that feature study and social lounges, community restrooms and special areas of quiet and repose — all with panoramic views of the mountains beyond. The project, constructed by W.E. O’Neil, is designed to achieve LEED Gold Certification and will open in the spring of 2020.

FODS specializes in providing reusable rockless entrances to the construction industry. FODS Trackout Control entrances are engineered to remove tough mud from tires before vehicles leave a construction site. FODS mats are made from a durable polyethylene capable of withstanding 80 tons per individual mat and have an expected lifespan of ten plus years.

FODS can be easily removed, reinstalled, and reused on future projects. Contact our team of specialists today for a free quote or email us at

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