FODS Reusable Construction Entrance at WEFTEC, Booth 6534, Chicago, Illinois September 21-25

WEFTEC is recognized as the largest annual water quality exhibition in the world, the expansive show floor provides unparalleled access to the most cutting-edge technologies and practices in the field where more than 1,000 exhibitors display the latest in water quality research technology and services.

Concerned with water quality near construction zones FODS, LLC. invented a better stabilized construction entrance, FODS Trackout Control System. A temporary sediment trapping entrance, used to stop debris from exiting a worksite and entering stormwater runoff. FODS ensures that stormwater runoff meets water quality standards.

FODS Trackout Control System is a series of interconnected mats that contain upright pyramids. Alternating rows of upright pyramids act to separate tire lugs and the loosened mud from inside the tire lugs gets deposited into the base of each mat. Mud and debris will not be tracked out of a worksite and will not enter the stormwater system. FODS meets BMP and SWPPP restrictions.

Maintenance on FODS Manufactured Construction Entrance is minimal, and is less time consuming then refreshing a flattened riprap entrance and street sweeping multiple times a day. FODS Mats can then be easily cleaned using a skid-steer broom attachment or a FODS shovel.

Contact us today at 844-200-3637 or for information or specifications on how FODS Mats can help you meet BMP requirements and ensure that stormwater runoff meets quality water standards.