FODS Offers Remediation Without the Rip Rap of Traditional Stabilized Entrances at the 15th CASQA Annual Conference, Monterey Conference Center, Booth #56, October 7-9


The CASQA Annual Conference offers a unique opportunity to interact with professionals in the stormwater field. Each year the conference draws over 1200 leading members of the stormwater community including local, state, and federal decision makers, stormwater program coordinators, contractors, consultants, engineers, lawyers, scientists, and planners for 3 days of important training and discussions addressing a range of challenges and opportunities facing stormwater practitioners in California and beyond.

Creating and maintaining a Construction Site Entrance has never been easier with FODS Trackout Control System. FODS is a reusable rockless construction entrance that offers outstanding protection against Construction Site Trackout and Stormwater Erosion. FODS will not become compacted and need continual refreshment, and can be configured and installed in roughly 30 minutes.

FODS, a series of interconnected matting, contains rows of alternating pyramids engineered to pull mud out of tire lugs and collect it at the base of the mats before it can leave the construction site preventing trackout and costly fines.

FODS Mats can be easily relocated during the duration of a project and have an expected lifespan of ten plus years so FODS can be reused on many future projects.

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