MAKE AN ENTRANCE with FODS Trackout Control System, the new industry standard for a cost-effective, reusable worksite entrance

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Functionality | Reliability | Durability 


FODS Trackout Control offers rapid installation to ensure on-time project completion and within budget. FODS Trackout Mats can be set up in about 30 minutes, require minimum maintenance and can be used on multiple substrates. No excavation or disturbance of the existing soil is necessary.


Imagine constructing a Reusable Trackout Entrance in less than 30 minutes. Every time and without the hassle of rocks or water.

  • Reusable

  • Practical

  • Economical

  • Multiple Configurations

  • Lightweight

  • Eco-friendly

  • Fast Installation

  • Superior Temporary Entrance

  • Saves Time and Money


FODS trackout control mats reduce fugitive dust and debris associated with infrastructure project entrances and combat worksite fines. FODS Mats are chemically resistant to acids, oils, and other fluids, while offering protection to the ground underneath.


FODS Trackout Control System is a welcome mat for dust, dirt and debris. Alternating FODS pyramids

  • Effectively Deform the Tires of Heavy Equipment and Passenger Vehicles

  • Do Not Damage the Tire or the Ground’s Surface

  • Cause Dust and Debris to Fall to the base of the Mats and Does Not Stick to the tires of Subsequent Vehicles

  • Meet BMP Code Compliant Requirements by Local Jurisdictions

  • Crush Rating of 20,000 lbs Per Pyramid


Engineered stress testing has found that FODS Trackout Control mats are designed to withstand over 1,000,000 passes of vehicles with a HS-25 rating. FODS Trackout Control Mats has proven performance with over 250,000lbs on a single mat.


FODS Trackout Control Mats are built to last ten years plus.

  • Outperform Traditional Stabilized Entrances

  • Proven Performance through Stress Testing of 1,000,000 Vehicle Passses with No Failures

  • Manufactured from a Super Strong Proprietary Blend of Durable, UV Resistant, Anti-Static High Density Polyethylene

  • Special Impact Modifications and Thermal Expansion Accommodations

  • Flexible

  • Manufacturer’s Warranty




Reusability | Transportability | Sustainabilty


A one-time investment will lead to years of best management practices on multiple infrastructure projects in any industry. FODS Trackout Control Mats offer an upgraded alternative to wheel wash systems and rumble plates.


FODS Mats can be reused numerous times on any Heavy Equipment Trackout Entrance.

  • Dimensions are 7’ Long in the Direction of Travel and 12’ Wide

  • Can be configured to any Grid

  • Easily Connected Together with Steel Straps

  • Can be anchored to any Type of Surface or Substrate 

  • No Excavation or Disturbance of Existing Soil is Necessary, Protecting the Environment

  • Can be Purchased or Rented


FODS mats are 12' wide x 7' long and are 430lbs. The mats are easily stackable and will not exceed the width requirements for highway transportation.


The design of the pyramids allow mats to be inverted and nested together for easy stacking, storage, and transport.

  • Can be easily Transported, Moved, Removed, and Relocated

  • Lightweight

  • Can be delivered with a large truck, and placed Manually or with Equipment


FODS Trackout Control entrance mats minimize fugitive dust, debris, and particles from entering stormwater runoff and help prevent erosion. FODS eliminates the need for wasteful use of rock and geo-fabric associated with typical stabilized construction entrances


FODS Trackout control mats are completely reusable, saving the cost of hundreds of tons of rip-rip for each use of FODS mats.

  • Since inspection, FODS has prevented over a 100 Million Pounds of Rock from being wasted

  • Require Minimal Maintenance

  • Highly Visible Yellow Mat Entrances

  • FODS Mats are 100% Made In the USA

  • 100% Recyclable